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Creative and Custom Stencils for Your Racquet!

Racquet Art has the world's largest selection of racquet stencils and stencil ink colors.

Racquet Stencils

Our stencils are made of high quality plastic material specially made for stenciling. They are durable and reusable. We produce many types of stencils for your racquet including picture stencils, monogram stencils, multi-color stencils and custom stencils. Installation is fast and easy. We include instructions for the application with each order. We can adjust our stencils to fit your needs. Click on the Stencil menu above to select tennis, racquetball, squash or badminton stencils.

New Stencil Images

Custom Stencils and Inks

Have a logo or image that you would like on your Racquet? Want your team mascot on your strings? Email us your questions or your logo to info@racquetart.com and we will prepare artwork for your stencil. And best of all, if you don't like the artwork, there is no obligation to buy.

NEW PRODUCT - Racquet Art Cleansing Grip Spray

Kill the Germs and Fungus that grows on your grip or overgrip. Just spray it on and let it work. Use after each time playing.

Promo Codes

Have a Racquet Art Promo Code? Click the link below to go to the promo page to enter your code.

Recreational Teams

Why not get a stencil for your team? Our stencils are made of a high quality stencil plastic and can be used over and over again to stencil your's or your teammates' racquet.

Schools and Universities

Racquet Art has created stencils for many of the top universities in the country. Let us put your school's mascot on your team's strings. Email us your logo to info@racquetart.com for more information.

Tennis Events & Fund Raisers

Racquet Art has been involved in many fund raising and charity events. Stenciling your attendees' racquets is a great way to raise money. Click below for more information.

Tennis Against Breast Cancer

Tennis Against Breast Cancer

Racquet Art is a proud sponsor of Tennis Against Breast Cancer. Click below for more information on the organization and how to support the cause.