Why Daub-it™ Daubers are the best available.

  • Made of HDPE material that won’t melt when used with solvents.
  • Mohair applicators are far superior to felt ones.
  • Mohair applicators last longer than felt ones.
  • Caps screw on tightly to store the material in the bottle.
  • Bottles can be refilled.
  • Available in 1, 2 and 4 ounce bottles.

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Arts and Crafts

Fill bottles with all sorts of arts and crafts liquids from paint to glue to ink.  Kids love painting with the bottles without the huge mess of paint brushes.

Plants and Botany

Use the bottles with any liquid fertilizer, herbicide or pesticide.  Apply the chemical to the exact location without the problems of overspray.  Mix the chemical in small quantities to avoid waste.

Tennis and Racquet Sports

Use for all racquet sport stencil application. Apply ink to your strings without the problems of overspray.